Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By Virtue of the Hero

Morality. Integrity. Respect.

I pick all virtues to uphold.

Life has no purpose but what you give it.

Everyone dies. Few choose to die for their belief.

There is no greater honour; there is no passion,

If dedication to a cause is nonexistent.

Law. Selfishness. Prejudice.

Rapists, paedophiles live in freedom.

Integrity is slaughtered by evil.

Government pillage the country with unjust rulings.

Schools are run by tyrannical egotists.

Those who stand for virtue and respect are criminals.

Change is imminent.

The straw who stands alone is broken.

But there is strength in numbers.

Blood, sweat and tears will bring success.

Time has proven the process of change.

We must be willing to accept our call.

Heros. Rebels. Leaders of Change.

Self-Discovery comes from trials and struggles.

Nothing is worth having unless it is worth earning.

No matter who you are, one time in your life there is a decision to make.

There is a time when no one can stand back and say they don’t care.

Follower or Leader. Choose which side you are on –for soon you may die.

Life was created for experience.

Life can be felt, tasted, smelt, seen, and heard.

I choose to live life, not to have life live me.

I choose to stand and be counted; I will not ever back down.

I stand tall, confident and courageous.

I smile with the gun to my head and know I lived a full, true life.

My body may be broken and murdered, my spirit crushed, my will gone;

But I will always have my soul. My innermost being can NEVER be destroyed.

So degrade me, terrify me, berate me, and kill me.

But no matter what, you will never defeat me.

Losing is but a word, a figment of one’s imagination.

The one who thinks they are defeated, have lost themselves.

Normality is true insanity.

Free thinkers are normal; those who say we should be all alike are insane.

Open minds to the unknown bring knowledge and understanding.

Ignorance breeds bias and hatred.

True equality can only exist where respect and all the Virtues have been cultivated.

Slavery lives on in the minds and hearts of power - driven cowards.

Supernatural. Natural. Universal. Unknown.

Belief in the supernatural exists when you believe truly in nature.

The galaxies spread out in a dance that is incomprehensible.

The known world prepares one for the realm of the invisible and unknown.

Imagination is not fiction, it is a knowledge of the unaccounted for dimensions.

Reality is imagined, and your dreams are real. So wake up! Get up and face Life!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Butterflies into Burnt Cocoons

Sitting here, head in the clouds.
I'm dreaming.
I'm screaming.
No talking, I'm just breaking and faking.
Remembering how to be someone else, and
Remembering what to do to be false.
Wishing I could be someone other than me.
Looking in the mirror at a tortured soul.
Blocking out everything and shutting down.
I retreat into the shadows to fade to nothingness.
Reverse metamorphosis.
The cocoon burns and falls to the ground.
There's nothing left and I cannot be found.
I'm tired.
I'm mired.
Through the scars and the wars, I still have lots of fears.
Holding onto a thread that is slowly fraying.
My wings are coming unglued and collapsing.
If I had some fairy dust or if I could hold a shooting star,
The hope I had wouldn't be failing, and I wouldn't be falling.

All Are Equal

Free, Free, Free at last!
Thank God Almighty! I'm free!
Finally, I'm free.

Slavery is ended.
The abolitionists won.
Freedom is so sweet.

I am on my way
To a far better country
Where there are no slaves.

Sweet, sweet Canada!
No one looks at your colour,
And treats you equal.

Sweet equality!
Abolish awful racism!
Be kind to all people.

Black, white don't matter.
If you look beyond the skin,
And see who they are.

No stereotypes.
Always look beyond the skin.
Colour is skin deep.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Places, New Things

New school
New life
New home
New wife
New memories
New friends
New jobs
New hobbies
New Ideas
New treasures
New kids
New toys
New sounds
New sights
New things
New frights
New fears
New fights
But we will soar up to new heights.

Then and Now

I used to think that finding true love was impossible.
I never used to believe the fairy tales' happy ending was real.
I used to think there was no such thing as a good person.
I never wanted to live.
I wanted to become so numb that nothing mattered to me.
I wanted to learn how to laugh again and be happy.
I wanted to love again.
I wanted to have a home.
I wanted someone to really care about me and not be pretend.
I wanted a better life.

Now, I want to keep going and live for another moment.
I believe in true love and happy endings.
I believe there are good people.
I can laugh and be happy.
I love my family and my life.
My husband loves me more than anything or anyone else.
I have the best life that I could ever wish for.
I live life now, not survive it, and I love to be able to feel again.
I can laugh because I'm happy, and I can be myself.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Girl in the White Lace

Dancing by the light of the fireflies,
She don't care because no one is looking.
No music, but what's in her heart.
No steps, but what she imagines.
Keeping her dreams alive.
The littlest things make her happy,
Maybe it's even the starlight.
She sings to herself, a song nobody knows.
It is hers to know, hers to keep.
It is hers to love, hers to cherish.
A melody created in her heart.
Her voice, by the wind, is swirled away.
The trees seem to bend and listen.
She don't care 'cause no one is listening.
Her footsteps are light and carefree.
Her feet travel quickly, as if she isn't even there.
Her dress swishes around her.
Its gentle arms surround and caress her body.
She feels like a stranger in a new world.
If someone could see her, they'd swear that she glows.
She is a visitor in our earthly realm.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Worst Nitemare

You dream of this at night.
Wake up drenched in sweat.
This is Your Worst Nitemare.
It creeps into your room.
Sneaks into your head and sucks out all your other dreams.
It leaves nothing but fear.
Nothing but Your Worst Nitemare.
You feel hunted and haunted.
Chased and tracked down.
Afraid to go to sleep again.
Wanted by Your Worst Nitemare.
It hides in the daytime.
Lurking in the deep, dark recesses of your mind.
Waiting for you to fall asleep.
This is Your Worst Nitemare.
You're consumed by your fear.
Agonizing the return.
The reappearance.
Your Worst Nightmare.
It smells your fear.
Feeds off the blanket of terror that fills the room.
It waits for you to fall asleep.
The creature - Your Worst Nitemare.

Alone and Standing on the Edge of the Cliff

Fighting back the tears.
Staring out into the night sky.
Wondering why, how . . .
Wondering who Iam, what I stand for.

Running alone down the street.
Tripping over loose stones and crying.
Wondering how I got here.
Why do I do these things?

Sitting alone, in the dark, at the end of an alleyway.
Realizing I'm worth more than this, but not caring.
Wondering why I don't care, why should I care, how can I care.
Who am I really?

Fighting the pain.
The pain of being victimized, of being bullied.
Wondering how to survive.
Wondering whether to let it go on or whether to stop being a victim.

Now she's sitting alone on the edge of a cliff.
She's listening to Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out."
Wondering whether to go on.
Wondering if it would be worth it to live, to survive.

She's standing on the edge, face to the wind.
The music is pounding. Her head is aching. Her heart is breaking.
Wondering whether to die.
Wondering whether to end it all, to commit suicide - to jump.

Falling . . . Screaming . . . Music pounding . . . She dies.
Sirens . . . Crying . . . Funeral . . . Burial . . . She's gone FOREVER.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Downward Spiral

He don't like cops.
They shot his brother.
They wrecked his family.
He loved his brother.
His brother was seventeen.
In the wrong place
At the wrong time.
He dresses like a gangster.
He's always on the street.
Always listening to rap.
Always in trouble.
Not because he looks for it.
Trouble finds him.
Expelled from school.
Can't get a job.
He hangs by himself.
A loner.
Fights for his right to live.
To survive.
In his room
He plays video games
All night long.
All day long
Music blares.
It's his shield.
His escape.
He goes no where
Without his music.
On weekends
He gets stoned.
His parents worry.
They don't want him
To follow his brother.
He thinks they don't care.
They don't talk to him.
He's hardly ever home.
He finds a friend.
Somebody to talk to.
Somebody who cares.
Somebody who enjoys what he does.
Two years later his friend is dead.
The cops shot him.
Wrong place.
Wrong time.
He survives.
Scarred for life.
He vows revenge.
The cops die.
He joins a gang,
Gets kicked out of his home.
His life becomes a vicious circle
Of drugs and violence.

All Alone, On Her Own

She lives.
Everyday she tries
To survive
On her own.

She believes.
She is being fed bullshit.
Everytime she talks
To them.

She cannot go back.
If she goes back,
Life will be worse
For everyone in her life.

She feels
She is better off
On her own.
All alone.

She tries
To be true
To herself
To do what is good for her.

She looks forward to the future.
She hopes that life will get better.
All she has to do
Is survive the next few years.

She dreams.
She tries to follow her heart.
She dares to live her dreams.
And accomplish her goals.

Freaks and Losers

She's a freak.
He's a loser.
They are loners.
The minority.
She's black.
He's white.
She's Asian.
He's Native.
Taking over.
Punk rockers.
Parties on the street.
Let's rock all around the town.
Weird hairdos.
Weird looks.
From others.
They don't understand.
They think we're supposed to be clones.
All the same.
All good.
We are the outkasts.
The Rebels.
The minority.
Let us be.
We are free.
We rule you.
They reject us.
They hate us.
They disrespect us.
We are the minority.
They believe.
Drugs make us.
Alcohol creates us.
Sex dominates us.
Some are druggies.
Some are alcoholics.
Some are whores.
We are what we chose to be.
Most are good people.
Freaks and losers.
We are not.
They are the majority.
The majority is generally wrong.
They are racist.
They are sexist.
They are bullies.
Psychotic freaks.
We are fun-loving.
We are accepting.
We believe in each other.
We care.


She sits
By the phone
For him
To call.

She cries
At night
When he doesn't

She writes
To him
He'll write


It's late.
She's singing.
For him.

He's late.
She's crying.
For him.

She's late.
He's dying.
For her.